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    Quality Policy

    The Principles Constituting the Quality Policy of Şener Mekanik

    • Create a product quality and customer satisfaction exceeding the expectations and requirements of the customers.
    • Adopt a proactive approach closely following technology and creating a competitive power to further increase the level of productivity and quality.
    • Continuously improve the processes by means of an efficient management.
    • Create awareness of quality among all the employees.

    Quality Capacities: There are 2 laboratories for Dimensional Measurement and Metallography.

    Dimensional Measurement Laboratory: 2 units of CMM, Surface Roughness Measurement Devices, Surface Gauges, Gauges, Calipers and other measurement equipment.

    With the personnel it employs among those with master’s degree in engineering, Şener Mekanik serves the customers in line with a high level of quality principles it aims for. Considering the quality policy with a great recognition for trained and qualified personnel, about 40% of the personnel employed by Şener Mekanik consists of white color workers, the most of these white collar workers are those with an engineering qualification.

    Metallography Laboratory:

    • Tension Test Equipment
    • Spectrometer
    • XRF
    • UT
    • PT
    • RT
    • MPT
    • Computer Aided Microstructure Microscope
    • Hardness Measurement Equipment
    • Coating Thickness Gauges
    • Sample Preparation Devices

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