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    For the purpose of creating more added value based on the knowledge and experience it has and through its qualified and competent staff, Şener Mekanik Sistemler A.Ş. has established an R&D department and put it at the disposal of its customers. To that end, it has made its organizational structure suitable for the requirements of the institutionalization and the era of digitalization and, turned the solutions it has produced in line with the customer expectations into innovative products by means of systematization. As a business partner of its customers by means of making use of the right materials as well as the right techniques and methods starting the phase of part design, Şener Mekanik Sistemler designs, tests and verifies the products within its own organization.

    Designing new systems with its R&D team and putting them into practice at the same security level by means of diversifying them in line with the customer requirements, Şener Mekanik Sistemler has created a P&D team consisting of young and well-trained engineers with experience gained within its organization right after their graduation from university.

    The purpose of the P&D is to develop new solutions for existing products and, alternative methods for the production of a new product. This continuously contributes to the customers, environment and employees in line with the objectives for continuous improvement.

    The software programs of SOLIDWORKS, MASTERCAM, MANUS SOFTWARE and MOTOSIM EG-VRC are used within the organization of the P&D and the R&D. The designs are tested using the prototypes manufactured within the organization of the company for verification. Secondary elements used for the production such as apparatus and fixtures are designed and manufactured by the expert staff in the P&D and the production simulations are carried out accordingly. The P&D is the permanent stakeholders of the Şener Mekanik Project Team.

    A tool management system is used to monitor and control the consumption of tools within the production line. These controls are continuously reported and monitored and, forwarded to the P&D so that the improvements are planned accordingly.

    Such measuring devices with a high level of precision are made use of for the measurements of the tools that are to be used for the manufacturing procedures.

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